Just a little harmless eWindow Shopping

Yesterday’s post left me in a bit of a shame spiral, but not in so great a spiral that I couldn’t spin my way out of it and immediately amass more crap. Cue my pre-ordered copy Super Mario Bros. Wii care of Amazon.com, despite the tired Princess Peach shenanigans (talk about a plot in need of a reboot) & Star Trek dvd (FLASHBACK)! Which brings me to this new feature on Little Junkies: Pop Couture. I like to think of it as a running wish list of random stuff like:

This desk: $…Many Thousands [via]

This ring: $28.00 [via]

This Finger Puppet: $16.00 [via]

This Wall Decal: $45.00 (yes there are 99 of them) [via]

This Lego set: $99.99 [via]

This desktop wallpaper: $0.00 (and a pun)!

Just not this (but I would totally rock it).

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2 thoughts on “Just a little harmless eWindow Shopping

  1. zrose25 says:

    Um… I think that you **need** that desk! Like right now! 🙂 lol

  2. Jes says:

    I agree with Zrose! You need that desk! Save the country! Help the economy! Buy them all! Btw – that Super Mario game is on my wish list too – 4 player! Wee!

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