Dear Diary, Do I suck?

I’ve brought it up before, my love for crappy movies, and now my sassy house guest has theorized that my love for crap has gotten out of control.

It all started when we got into a lighthearted screamfest over the merits of Avatar hype. I think it looks like expensive Jar Jar kitties are going to teach us about the perils of being greedy, planet-killing humans. Memo to Jimmy Cameron: You’ve likely created the $300 million Michael Bay version of Happy Feet, and the cool kids already learned all of this stuff from Ferngully. Anywho, I came under attack for dissing a potentially “great” film, because I own “crappy” movies. I am inclined to say good day to the gentleman house guest  heretofore known as “Dubs.” (To be fair, I was also called out for watching Jenny McCarthy’s best impersonation of Jim Carrey in Dirty Love.)

I say judge not by the contents of one’s Netflix queue! I also can’t let my beloved, albeit semi-ridiculous, dvd collection be tarred and feathered–forever bearing the scarlet ‘S’ for Sucky! ‘F’ for Foolish! …but could it be? Is my opinion tarnished because I own all of the Crocodile Dundee movies? Should I give up my inteweb musings because I can’t get enough of Super Mario Bros. or Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights?Some people would string me up just for my love of the Twilights alone. What gives, haters?

To answer the question, I am kicking off a week of suck on Little Junkies (no, not that kind…pervs). Dubs, ZRose, and I are pooling are craniums to categorize my collection, crunch some numbers, and even create some graphicals! I’ll also be spinning some rousing debates along the way, too. Don’t think that just because I’m willing to hear him out, I’m not afraid to put some hurtin’ on a bitch (with love, Dubs). It’s also going to be blog v. blog with Dubs. Let’s do this, Cosmic Sitcom!

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15 thoughts on “Dear Diary, Do I suck?

  1. spitfire says:

    1. YOU DON’T SUCK.

    2. What is the criteria for determining which movies are “good” and which are “crappy” — is it only Dubs word against yours?

  2. the duder says:

    Bring on the database. (cough!)

  3. Tannhauser says:

    Just remind your houseguest that he’s old and curmudgeonly and that tastes have changed since bellbottoms and hula-hoops were “cool.”

    I often marvel that he even understands what a DVD is, let alone that it goes in something other than a “turntable.”

  4. Jes says:

    1. You don’t suck.

    2. FERNGULLY!!! ❤

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