Hotter in a Hat: Andrew Lee Potts

I finally got around to watching SyFy’s Alice–the sweet little Alice in Wonderland reimagining that’s been hunkered down in my DVR for longer than I care to admit. It wasn’t the greatest thing I’d ever watched, but I enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed Syfy’s Wizard of Oz-inspired, Tin Man, last year.

One special surprise: Discovering Andrew Lee Potts as the sheisty Wonderland rebel, Hatter. Just like Joshua Jackson, I’m considering only referring to him by the name of his most memorable character (for me). Hatter it is…for now.

That could all change, because ZRose (like a true junkie) fed our shared interest in this English muffin by adding Potts’ BBC America series Primeval (2007-2009) to our Instant Netflix queue. Potts plays the delightfully nerdy Connor, who just happens to be gaga for Abby the zoologist (played by his real-life girlfriend, Hannah Spearitt). I have some catching up to do, but luckily I have some time as well. Primeval isn’t due back with new eps until 2011.

Hatter or Connor, what shall I do?

I think I’ll stick with Hatter, because Potts is twice as fine with a chapeau. Evidence:

Sometimes you feel like a hat...

Sometimes you don't (but you should really reconsider).

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One thought on “Hotter in a Hat: Andrew Lee Potts

  1. […] loves me a good hat. I even love celebrities more when they sport a hat/topper/chapeau. So imagine my joy at discovering today is National Hat […]

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