Eight movies. One word (each).

I had a goal last weekend. Hell, I had a dream. A dream that I could spend the rest of my meager means on at least eight movie tickets. And I did! Some were worth it, and some were not, but overall it was a fine time indeed.

Avatar: Unobtanium. (Meh)

Did You Hear About the Morgans?: Unfortunately. (Meh)

Me & Orson Welles: Douche. (Love)

Up In The Air: Grounded. (Like)

Sherlock Holmes: Indubitably! (Love)

Nine: Italiano. (Love)

The Blind Side: Weep. (Love)

It’s Complicated: OMG! (Love)

…need I say more?

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3 thoughts on “Eight movies. One word (each).

  1. One word. Really? Time to go to math class, little Junkie —


  2. […] movies. Two Words (each). Jump to Comments In the grand tradition of one word reviews, I bring you two word reviews. Who knows, my next installment might have three…Below is a […]

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