LOST mania begins!

Here are my three easy steps to get you amped for LOST:

1. Psychoanalyze this–most importantly Richard’s missing legs. Intentional foreshadowing/metaphor or poor Photoshopping?:

(see also: other fun famous last suppers)

2. Read this–discuss with friends (or me, I’m starting it this weekend):

3. Laugh at the idea of watching the season opener on this 720p tv (but secretly think it would be totally awesome):

If you want to catch up on the first five seasons, check out this handy chart from sl-LOST to decide what kind of crazy you are:

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6 thoughts on “LOST mania begins!

  1. spitfire says:

    i love that the movie currently being played on the polar bear tv is also JJ Abrams-fare.

  2. Junkie2 says:

    Hmmm…I’m not appreciating that I’m in the “red” section of that grid…Did it in 9 days my friend!

  3. Eralc Alegna says:

    Hmmm, we have another version of the same pic as our backround, and in it Clair’s legs seem to be missing too. And Hurley’s in both.
    Now I’m even more confused!
    And I kinda like it ; )

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