Son of a b****

First I got gut punched by the evil bloggers showing off their special Alice in Wonderland press kits. Now, some dude named Christian is flaunting his prize from the ABC LOST Sweepstakes. Junkie1 can’t even win when her plebeian class is eligible. [frown] Oh, well. I wouldn’t have wanted to watch the first opening scene of Season 6 anyway…my brain probably would explode.

LOSTies, see below & salivate with me:

And for the pièce de résistance, the message in the bottle:


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4 thoughts on “Son of a b****

  1. Eralc Alegna says:

    Color me titilated!

    • Zrose25 says:

      It makes my Men of a Certain Age Cassette tape shaped USB drive seem even lamer!

      • Junkie2 says:

        Did you guys ever watch that? It wasn’t Mac compatible so I figured the show wasn’t targeted to my demographic any way and threw it away shortly after getting it.

        Now Lost on the other hand…I would’ve went out and bought myself a PC to watch that little gem!

  2. ctesdahl says:

    Ugh I’m jealous too but I’m super excited for the premire ahhhhhh!

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