You say it’s your birfday…

Hey, friends! Little Junkies is turning one this month! I decided to give the random dino warriors a break and revamped the site with a random friendly chap. Some of you know already know him as Mr. Chester Abernathy, the gentleman ninja. I know I’m not blowing out sixteen candles, but I feel the timeless innocence of Farmer Ted is still appropriate.

Fun fact: Some children this age have an attention span of two to five minutes.

So I’m set.

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3 thoughts on “You say it’s your birfday…

  1. spitfire says:


    i love little chester abernathy. he’s quite an adorable little chap.

  2. I love me some Chester Abernathy. And his secret identity.

  3. Evil Penguin says:

    Congrats on a great 1st year!!

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