Be a LOST nerd with me…

Still reeling from Tuesday’s LOST premier? I’ve already got some hard theorizin’ going on: like the hatch button/clock was all meant to keep the Smoke Monster/Evil Dude at bay (hence hieroglyphs at the end of the clock), the bomb never went off, Jacob found a loophole via Sayid’s corpse, Juliet will appear in alt world, good Locke will return, Richard was responsible for smoke monster losing his body, and more!

I thought it would be best to keep things a little less heavy while I’m fleshing out my theories (mostly to keep my brain from exploding). But I can’t shake the LOST bug. Hmm…what can I do that is LOST-related but not brain bursting guesstimations?

I know! Turn all food items in my house into Dharma Initiative-issued foodstuffs! Luckily, I like to share so go here and nerd it up, island-style. I suggest you move quickly, before Disney makes them pull this down. I fully intend to label some peanut butter, eat it, and keep the empty and eat invisible peanut butter like a total freak…

I think I love you most of all, Dharma produce!

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4 thoughts on “Be a LOST nerd with me…

  1. Zrose25 says:

    You need the official ABC Lost Viewing Party Kit :

  2. Zrose25 says:

    Muhahahah…. exactly as planned 😉

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