Love in the Time of Cinema

Oh, Junkies! Love is in the air, or so I am told. Zrose25 and I decided that we would give you a two part Valentine’s Day gift. Part one, a list of our favorite romances from our personal collection selected within a five minute time limit. There were a lot we argued over (like my “freakish” love of Nic Cage) and a lot that we love but don’t own so don’t expect the same old romance movie list. Stay tuned for Part two, tomorrow.

Nothing spells romance quite …

50 First Dates – like beating Rob Schneider with a baseball bat.

Across the Universe – like a post Eddie Izzard circus skinny dip.

Amelie – like a zorro mask and a metro station photo booth.

Bridget Jones’ Diary – like a reindeer jumper and a mini gherkin.

Clueless – like hooking up with your former step-brother.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog – like your own key to a shiny new Australia.

Eagle vs Shark – like animal costume parties and Ultimate Fight Man competitions.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun – like angry dance-offs.

Grosse Pointe Blank – like murdering a European hit-man with a pen at your high school reunion.

Groundhog Day – like groundhog-napping, suicide and staged snowball fights.

Hairspray – like Zach Effron… ‘nuf said.

Jane Austen Book Club – like Hugh Dancy…’nuf said (even if his name is Grigg).

Juno – like a couple of bored teens, orange Tic-Tacs and a La-Z-Boy.

Knocked Up – like childbirth.

Mansfield Park – like Jonny Lee Miller in tights.

Matchmaker – like a surly Irishman.

Moonstruck – like a one-armed baker.

Mrs. Winterbourne – like two Brendan Frasers.

Nicholas Nickleby – like a top hat.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – like a fistful of assholes.

Overboard – like kidnapping and slavery.

Phantom of the Opera – like late night singing lessons from the angel music… and Gerard Butler… ‘nuf said.

Pride and Prejudice – like rejoicing in the inferiority of your circumstances.

Return to Me – like organ donation, gorillas and fine Italian-Irish dining.

Romancing the Stone – like joooooan wilder. (It makes sense if you’ve seen it!!)

Shopgirl – like self help tapes on a tour bus.

Simply Irresistible – like magical crabs.

Sixteen Candles – like being felt up by your grandmother.

Sliding Doors – like parallel universes.

So I Married An Axe Murderer – like pissing into a bitch’s occular cavities.

Someone Like You – like living with Hugh Jackman!

Splash – like being stalked by Eugene Levy.

Stardust – like Robert DeNiro in drag.

Stranger Than Fiction – like an audit and warm cookies.

The Breakfast Club – like elephantitis and a headband make-over.

The Importance of Being Ernest – like matching tattoos.

The Princess Bride – like rodents of unusual sizes.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs – like bait and switch & turtle enemas.

The Village – like holding hands with Joaquin Phoenix

Twelfth Night – like cross-dressing and political asylum.

Two Weeks Notice – like picking out your boss’ pants.

Waitress – like Dr. Pomatter and a pie pan.

Wedding Singer – like fatty, the freaks at table nine and sideburns lady.

When Harry Met Sally – like Baby fish mouth

You’ve Got Mail – like light cyber stalking

What are some of your favorites?

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2 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Cinema

  1. Zrose25 says:

    After making this list I now have a overwelming desire to watch many (if not all) of these movies 🙂

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