LOST 6.04: The Substitute

Lockeness Monster
Don’t tell him what he can’t do!!
What he is is trapped

Let’s get on with it
I better put on some pants
Get back to living

Do you know the rules?
The time for questions is now
I’m a believer

The brain mush/mind boggling continues after the fourth hour of LOST last night, and boy did they give up a truckload of puzzle pieces! Find random hypothesizing/episode reviews after the jump ::spoiler alert::

Truth & Prophesy

Remember last year when I went on a crazy LOST-bender and ran with an insane mythological theory? …If not, see below:

In the season five finale, the sneaky Apollo candy bar makes another appearance–Jacob gave an Apollo candy bar to Jack. So, let’s tackle the meaning of Apollo:

1. He is the son of Zeus and Leto
2. His sister, Artemis, was born first
3. He was born on a floating island, surrounded by swans
4. He is associated, among other things, with medicine and healing
5. His sister is associated with, among other things, childbirth and fertility
6. He is the “ideal” beardless youth
7. He served a one year sentence as a shepherd for killing Cyclops

Now a LOST interpretation:

1-2. We have long known that Claire and Jack are half-siblings–sharing a father, Christian Shephard. All things island-related, Claire realized her destiny long before Jack, in season 4, and chose to stay on the island with her father. I’m calling that her “birth.” Jack is finally coming around.
3. A floating island! Swans! That one explains itself.
4. Jack is a doctor.
5. Claire arrives on the island pregnant, and gives birth there. Also, it’s interesting that Sun and her previously infertile husband, Jin, were able to conceive a child after arriving on the island. Perhaps, the island awakens the “powers” of the inhabitants…like Claire.
6. Jack is a super crazy mess when he is bearded. Laugh if you will, this one is totally true. Beardless Jack is sharp.
7. Jack’s last name is Shephard, and he is constantly leading the “flock” of castaways.

Apollo and Artemis were believed to cement a new order…maybe season six will prove this to be true. ::dun-dun-duuuuuun::

Anywho, last night, when Alt/LA Locke was thinking about calling Jack, they zoomed in on Jack’s business card. He works at St. Sebastian’s Hospital. ::cue Junkie1’s point:: St. Sebastian is the Christianized version of…APOLLO and the patron saint of arrows/soldiers/defense against the plague (and associated with restoring faith and miraculous healing). I know, right?!

While its clear that the writers of LOST refuse to strictly adhere to any particular mythology, its fun to see how they mix and mesh different legends as they reveal more and more bits. Other fun mythological tidbits clicking into place: Taweret (the four-toed statue), is an Egyptian goddess believed to protected against evil by restraining it. My theory: The statue was the smoke monster’s prison, until, at some point, the statue was destroyed allowing his escape.

Best line of the night

Ben Linus: “John Locke was a… believer. He was a man of faith. He was a much better man than I will ever be, and I’m very sorry I murdered him.”

The writing on the wall

Clearly the juiciest part of the show was when the Lockeness Monster brought Sawyer to the secret cave and showed him Jacob’s rockface notebook–his listing of potential candidates for the protector of the island job. Each one had a number, the most important ones being 4 (Locke), 8 (Hurley), 15 (Sawyer), 16 (Sayid), 23 (Jack), 42 (Kwon). Our friend Spitfire of Bucking the Wave queried “Where’s Kate’s name?” Good question. Jacob did indeed meet Kate in her past & touch her (as he did with all of the numbered candidates above). My theory: Jacob told Kate to be good, but Kate has been naughty (so no soup for you). That said, I think she will likely be given a chance at redemption as she typically (& rapidly) turns from naughty to nice in each episode. She could still be somewhere on the wall, too. Damon & Carlton aren’t going to give up all the bits in one night.

All in all, I have new questions to ponder, and I don’t care (you hear me LOST haters that whine about not getting enough answers? I love shows that make me think!). Like what is Richard’s role? Is he the Judas of the island? Did he originally eff over smokey for Jacob? Locke is a substitute in another life [brotha]–why & will the real Locke rise again (I say yes)? How is alt/LA Locke friends with his father (as Helen indicated he would attend their wedding in her peace/karma shirt, no less)? Is the show’s ultimate truth really that it’s all been a hardcore job interview? Why was Jacob in the sneak scenes for next week? Was that kid in the jungle young Jacob? Also, Lockeness Monster said he didn’t know if the “Kwon” on the wall was Sun or Jin. I think it is both of them (as Jacob touched them both at once), and their eventual reunion at the temple will yield epic results. I’ll cut myself off now, but chew on that for a week, Junkies.

The plot thickens…wanna talk LOST? Spin your theories in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “LOST 6.04: The Substitute

  1. emilycd says:

    did you notice that Jacob’s cave had a JACOB’S LADDER leading to it?

    also: you’re awesome.

    • Junkie1 says:

      Niiiiiice. I also intend to rewatch, because I am 90% sure Claire’s name was on the wall & scratched out (?). I must/need to know how this pans out. Maybe a Claire/Sun smackdown…Mutha v Mutha -er, um- Mano a Mano.

  2. Zrose25 says:

    Okay, I pose another question. Why did they make the interview question about “what animal are you” so prominent? Maybe he is a polar bear? Ya think? 😉

  3. Antonio says:

    There was only one Kwon…
    emilycd: Jacob’s Ladder… nice.

    • Junkie1 says:

      Or was there only one Kwon…?! End of the day, I don’t put too much stock in what smokey says. He’s the evil manipulator! Also, I think Sawyer will eventually ditch Lockeness Monster–he’s no man/evil cloud’s fool.

      • Antonio says:

        So when Smocke (Smokie +Locke) told Sawyer they need to leave together… do you think he meant all of them?

      • Junkie1 says:

        Not necessarily…his conversations with Jacob always cryptically involved rules, loopholes, and whathaveyou.

        I think smocke just needs to turn one person bad to get off of the island. Adam & Eve style. But he can only manipulate, he can’t really do anything else to get them to do his will.

        Plus, since theology plays a major role here, I am expecting a really awesome resurrection of the noted strategy/war games master, John Locke. LJ reader, Megan, reminded me that Locke told Paulo that “things don’t stay buried on this island.” Let’s hope not…

      • Antonio says:

        Now that you mention Adam and Eve… I wonder if the skeletons really were Rose & Bernard… seeing as the white stone/black stone came up again in the cave…

      • Junkie1 says:

        Interesting…they are the best couple, but I’ve always thought it could be Sun & Jin, too. They’ve officially announced that Maggie Grace will be making a comeback, so what if it’s Sayid and Shannon (wishful thinking)?

      • spitfire says:

        say it with me now: ZOMBIE ARMY.

        aaaaand that would be when LOST jumps the shark.

  4. spitfire says:

    so i’ve been thinking about this since the episode aired…. I see what you’re saying that Jacob told Kate to be good– and she’s been mostly good (how can you fault someone for blowing up their evil alcoholic stepdad?). yet, Sayid is still on the list and he’s arguably done some of the worst things on the show– is it because he has this constant good/bad pull, whereas Kate doesn’t apologize for the things she’s done?

    • Junkie1 says:

      Remorse is a huge deal. Kate never really atones, you know? Obviously, the flash sideways in LA is very important. Kate is a real dick in L.A. Then she’s nice…then she’s not.

      Plus, with the exception of telling Sun & Jin not to take each other for granted, she was the only one to receive such a direct order. With Sayid, Jacob both asked for directions & (potentially) caused Nadia’s death–sending Sayid into a revenge spiral. Maybe Jacob wants to use Sayid’s training in some way…?

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