It’s geektastic!

Some genius (8Bit Memory) took the classic NES cartridge for The Legend of Zelda and turned it into an external hard drive! Now that is worth a free guy. Available in 320 GB, 500 GB, and 640 GB. They will also custom make a drive for you (i.e. choose you poison: Super Mario Bros, Bubble Bobble, LoLo, Q-Birt). They also do Super NES drives and GameBoy Advance flash drives.

Technically, Zelda’s sold out, because 8Bit says it is “extremely hard to find.” Neverfear! Since every item is custom-made, I am sure you can work something out if you simply must have one. Maybe I should contact 8Bit to see if he’d like to buy my old NES cartridges (one of which is a pristine copy of the elusive Legend of Zelda)? Hmmm…perhaps to the highest bidder, then? 😉 Ooo! I feel so Ganon-y right now.

Fun Fact: Robin Williams revealed to Jimmy Fallon that this game inspired him to name his daughter Zelda Rae.

[Link also image care of the 8BitMemory‘s Etsy page]

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2 thoughts on “It’s geektastic!

  1. zrose25 says:

    I want!!!!

  2. supermon says:

    I am woefully ignorant of what it is you’re talking about. However, I love the name Zelda!

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