Alphabeats: Things just got adorable

Alphabeat=Anders SG, Stine Bramsen, Anders B., Rasmus Nagel, Anders Reinholdt and Troels Hansen=Euro-pop darlings.

The Danish band pumps out awesome tunes that would have been right at home in the 80s–maybe even on tour with bands like Human League, Ace of Base, or Roxette. As a child of the 80s/90s pop scene, I am programmed to love them.They are super cute to boot. Evidence of adorableness: they are categorized as “wonky pop,” the British way of saying they are quirky, catchy and credible. Um, that’s adorable on many levels. Also, if they made a biopic about Alphabeat, Ginnifer Goodwin and Anton Yelchin would star. I said it.

Check out the videos below:


Best lyric:

“Passion, is our passion, in the moonlight, on a joyride”

Hole In My Heart

Best lyric:

“And the gap that you have made goes deep inside of me,
It’s all used to invade girl, you’ve got my galaxy”

They are, of course, at SXSW this year, and they opened for Lady Gaga’s U.K. shows this year, too. But when will I get to see them? We may never know…le sigh. While they have two albums out (This Is Alphabeat & The Beat Is…), you can’t buy them on iTunes. CURSES!

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One thought on “Alphabeats: Things just got adorable

  1. […] I’m digging Pearl and The Puppets right now (what’s that, they’re touring with Alphabeat?!). Plus, they’re on Universal Motown, and I am down with Motown. Fair warning, you […]

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