Day Late Haiku: Ab Aeterno

So it’s not humpday
But I did write a haiku
Besides, it’s my blog…

Lost: Ab Aeterno
We learned a lot Tuesday night
Not really answers

Well…for example:
it’s not hell, someone’s evil,
Richard is hairy

I loved the episode! My theory is Smokey was pretending to be Isabella to Hurley, he knew it, and that’s why he told Richard that she said they must destroy Smocke (even though we never hear her say that). This is also why they did a quick cut to a pissed off looking Smokey on the hill. I think Smokey was always Isabella on the island–that’s why he scanned Ricardo’s brains the first time on the ship. It was all so he could manipulate him. Right?!

What theories did you dream up Tuesday night?

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