Getting Schooled

The School is an effervescent eight piece band (with keyboards and drums and guitars and a bass and a trumpet and 2 violins!) from the U.K. Think of them like the Belle & Sebastian/Beach Boys lovechild half-sibling of She & Him. They dropped their debut album, Loveless Unbeliever, on Tuesday…and I wants it. Yes, that’s right, junkies, finally a music post about a band that has their music available for purchase in the U.S.

Check them out:

The School, Is He Really Coming Home?

I want to be in a kick ass retro band with a trumpeter!

Best lyric:

“Is he really coming home? I’ll cross my fingers and my toes.”

See also: Kickass LA-based retro rage girl band, The Like (esp “Wishing He Was Dead”)

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4 thoughts on “Getting Schooled

  1. Zrose25 says:

    Is it just me or does the singer kinda remind you of Egg (ahem…) I mean Anne from Arrested Development 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    HER? Really?! HER?! ehehe

  3. jes says:

    I’m adding them to my music wishlist!

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