Movies, and tv, and books. Oh, my!

Here’s a haiku wrap-up/sampling of what I’ve been up to lately…

Hey, writers from Glee
Find out what it means

Hey, Kick-Ass makers
Um…Hit-Girl is my hero
Did you ever know

Hey, Steig Larsson’s ghost
Lisbeth Salander: awesome
She’s a man eat-ah

Hey, Red Riding guys
I think I’ll stay out of Leeds
Where the good die young

Hey, Lost creators
Four eps left, Brotha!
Don’t leave me this way

Hey, DC’s A-Team
Props for the casting and style
Like the way you move

What have you Junkies been up to? I’ve also been reading the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales, but more on that later.

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2 thoughts on “Movies, and tv, and books. Oh, my!

  1. Zrose25 says:

    This junkie got to catch a sneak preview of Robin Hood… Which I totally want to discuss in more detail, but I will be patient and wait for everyone else to see it before I start disecting 🙂

  2. Junkie1 says:

    I’ll say this much, Zoe Saldana’s character in The Losers is too old school female action character in my mind. More Hit-Girl/Salander, please!

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