Pyrotechniques: The Grates

Meet Patience, John, and Alana; They are The Grates. For me, watching this Australian trio basically is an exercise in perpetual joy. The band has ventured forth from the wild land of Oz to Brooklyn to give the U.S. a go, and

::super-nerdy non sequitur::

while I’m sure they are all fine, intelligent people, I can’t help but imagine there’s some sort of Aussie mash-up of Flight of the Conchords and Three’s Company happening somewhere in the lower boroughs of NYC at this very moment. Their third album is in the works and I’m eager to have some mas, por favor.

The Grates: Burn Bridges

The Grates: Science is Golden

Also here is proof that they are legit and totally kick ass:

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One thought on “Pyrotechniques: The Grates

  1. Zrose25 says:

    So many good things come out of Austrailia 🙂

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