They Rocked Me: The Bangles

The Bangles blew the lid off of a certain Minneapolis club last night. Debbi, Vicki, and Susanna (sans Micki) are still super hot and super talented. You know what was awesome? There I was, one person between me and the stage, and when I took a second to steal a few glances at my fellow fans I saw older gals that welcomed their personal heroines as readily as they welcomed an opportunity to bust out their Aquanet and sequins. I saw 45 year old dudes still drooling over Susanna’s legs (to be fair, I think everyone was drooling over the sight of all three ladies). I saw twenty-somethings (myself, included) bopping along to classics like Manic Monday, In Your Room, and Be With You. Local band, Sick of Sarah opened and were respectable in a rockier, all-lady version of Paramore kind of way. But, you know, it’s Minnie and we know how to do it right.

But, plain and simple, The Bangles still rock. They replaced Micki with “the Bangle with a Dangle” on bass and they even have a security/roadie/maracas player that looks like the lovechild of Jim Belushi and Michael Madsen! They opened with Hazy Shade of Winter and closed with Walk Like an Egyptian (one of several encores) and by the time it was all over, my face had completely melted off. It’s hard to put into words, but all I can say is (as it is nearly Mother’s Day) that I am so lucky my mom was into good music. Thanks, mama.

Face melting evidence (if you don’t crave a drum kit upon viewing this you have no soul):

Here’s a few pics I snapped (forgive the blur as I was jammin’)

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