Give Me a Beat: White Rabbits

Brooklyn-based, Mizzou natives White Rabbits is straight up rock ‘n roll with a pop-punk twist. They’re a little like Spoon or Cold War Kids with six pieces and a heavy bass line that yields a darker vibe. Plus, they have that Ben Folds way of slapping the hell out of their piano that makes you want to rock. Approved!

Percussion Gun

Also, be sure to check out the band’s photo gallery on their website. I dig their photo-ing.

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3 thoughts on “Give Me a Beat: White Rabbits

  1. Junkie2 says:

    photo-ing needs to be junktionary-ified!

    Totally dig the vid, thanks for posting.

  2. LimonPower says:

    that song is gonna sound tomorrow in the office!! so good!! hey btw, you didn’t mention your fav part of the lyrics…

    • Junkie1 says:

      You’re right! Allow me to make amends:

      “It’s been a while
      So I’ll just beg, borrow
      And steal all your time
      Well crawl dignified”

      Haven’t we all, White Rabbits?

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