Guess What I Just Bought (!)

Pink, purple, polar bear, equations, Black Rock nauticals, and Smokey?! You had me at pink, Ty Mattson (not to mention the 3-color silk-screen printing on 100lb. cover stock…designer drool).

See the rest of the collection on Ty’s blog–I might have to go ahead and get The Dharma Vans and The Numbers when they become available. You can buy them at as they are released.

Note: each design will be sold in several formats. So you get your choice between:

  • poster
  • t-shirt
  • skateboard
  • mouse pad
  • mug

Note, part II: This doesn’t mean that I wont remain in denial about the end of the series…Sure, I like saying “the end is nigh,” but that doesn’t mean I accept it. Namaste, Losties!

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2 thoughts on “Guess What I Just Bought (!)

  1. Jes says:

    I must admit, even though I am not really a Lost junkie, that is super awesome!

  2. […] Mattson, you old so and so! The brilliant design mind that brought us (me, in particular) the fantabulous Lost poster series is back at it again. This time Ty’s nailed Dexter, and I […]

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