Oldie but Goodie: Blur

Blur, the Brit boys that brought back alternative disco via Britpop–a style near and dear to may heart including bands like Pulp, Elastica, Supergrass, The Stone Roses…oh, and Blur rivals Oasis (to name a few). After a little obligatory internal drama/break-up action, they have reunited but mostly for live performances and singles (aka don’t expect a new album anytime soon).

Now, for today’s song. Song 2 is, of course, brilliant, but I decided to go for the polymorphous satire in their first major hit: Girls and Boys. It might not be the best video on the planet, but hey, it was 1994 (and what early 90s video was “good”). Plus, it reminds me of the free/space love 70’s Bowie, and that’s always ok by me. Enjoy:

Girls and Boys

Best lyric:

“Always should be someone you really love” & “Nothing is wasted only reproduced”

As always, feel free to jam like a junkie on Little Junkies Radio on Blip.fm!

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One thought on “Oldie but Goodie: Blur

  1. spitfire says:

    This is a great Just Dance song too!

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