2010 Movie Project: April Trailers

Finishing up month four in the great 2010 movie project, and I am finding that I look forward to the trailer pack more with each trip to the movies. I even find that I am more likely to sit through the previews on the movies that I watch at home. There is one thing that really drives me bonkers though, it is one of the features on the Blu-Ray disks, BD Live (you cant see it, but I am glaring at the computer screen as I type these two words). To be more specific the streaming trailer feature is the one the makes me want to pull my hair out. On paper it is a great idea, any time someone watches a Blu-Ray  movie a different set of previews is automatically downloaded from the web. But in reality, because the player is accessing the internet it takes forever to even load the disk, much less play the trailers. Seriously, I wanted to watch a brand spanking new movie that I had gone out and bought and wasnt even able to play the movie because the BD Live features required a newer firmware update than was available. Needless to say, there was some screaming and remote control throwing going on in my living room. I am pretty sure that Skynet is to blame for all of this, and when I get the proof… ooooh ho ho there will be hell to pay!!

Okay on to the data.



And finally here is the full lising of  trailers viewed in April. For a special treat, I asked my very good friend J-Ho to connect all 29 movies in 1 degree of separation. Enjoy.

What are you guys and girls looking forward to this month??

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