Peace Out, Lost



I have molto mixed feelings about the Lost finale. That crafty Darlton trixied me by hitting me in the face with so many exquisite tender moments that I almost didn’t realize that they effectively blew a plot hole the size of seasons 2-5 with that ending. I feel like the finale is further proof that this season was pandering to the bandwagon rather than being an explosive, mysterious powerhouse for the hardcore Losties (it’s mystery exceeded only by it’s power–bonus points if you get that ref).

Talking about it with ZRose, Spitfire, and other Losties only furthers my frustration. I loved the mystery and the ambiguity of this show as much as the characters and themes–I kind of hate the so-called answers of this final seasons since they discredit all of the investment in the series as a whole. I was with you, Lost, even when the Dharma stuff got crazy (bear cages and fish cookies), through all the time travel, through all of the mystical island powers (Dogan, Others, Other Others), through that awkward Boone/Shannon unrequited love business, through Michael, even through the stunt casting (:: cough Frogurt :: :: cough cough Nikki and Paulo ::).

My reward? That thing all the haters guessed it was after the first episode. It’s very much an “I don’t know what I want, but I know it wasn’t that” moment. I would have honestly preferred an ambiguous ending, as open to interpretation as the mind-bending premier. Instead, further reflection makes it seem like even the island itself was nothing more than a means, a simple location. Yes, it’s always been a character study, but it’s also always been driven by a larger than life, philosophical, scientific, literary, manical teacup ride. This ending did nothing to support the series–it only tackled one heartstrung facet, and that is why I feel unsatisfied.

And the selection of members of Team Non-Denominational Heaven at the end was weak. No offense (I was happy for all the happy pairings), but how you justify Libby but not Miles? Penny but not Helen (both non-island loves)? Aaron but not Walt? Hurley but not Ben (or Alex and Rousseau for that matter)? Rose and Bernard but not Daniel and Charlotte? Boone but not Richard? Or Lapidus (I could’ve seen that fine grey coif done right one more time).

Also cue “JACK, JACK, JACK” to the tune of “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.” What a boo to the rest of the cast by not only making the whole damn thing primarily about Jack’s journey, but also making them wait to “move on” until Jack was ready to do that, too (and presupposing the Ajira kids from the end–a point I also did not dig–never went on to more meaningful relationships). If it was going to be about any one character, I’d rather it be Desmond. Shenanigans, I tells ya!

All that to say I still love this show, and there is only one way we will all remember the show–the same way we all interpreted each episode: our way.  Here’s my way:

The Shirtless Men of Lost

*Be sure to catch the number one cameo of the montage at 00:46 (Nathan Fillion) and thanks to Spitfire.

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One thought on “Peace Out, Lost

  1. Junkie1 says:

    I’m presently promoting a Lapidus/Frogurt/Richard buddy comedy to the tune of Wings. Lapidus will just bark a few words into a walkie and throw it around the cockpit, Frogurt will be the in-house snark, and Richard will take on a Thomas Hayden Church/Tony Shalhoub fix-it guy/cabbie role.

    Expect cameos from everyone not on Team Heaven.

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