Scott Pilgrim Avatars For All!

Who wants to waste some time?! The official Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World site launched an avatar creator, and I had to make myself known. Neverfear, you can visit the awesome site and join the ranks of pouting hipster anime, too!

I don’t know that I’m necessarily a Gothic Lolita, but it was more fitting than Hipster or Gay Roommate. However, I am quite certain that I am hotter in black and white…If only I had the time to Photoshop my new alter ego into an early Betty Boop showdown. Talk about an epic of epic epicness (for funsies, here’s the color me).

Does this make me even more excited to see young Scotty Pilgrim? Yes!

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3 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim Avatars For All!

  1. Jes says:

    I have a feeling I will be addicted as soon as I go to this site, and as soon as I start reading the books!

    • Junkie1 says:

      I finished Scott Pilgrim Vol 1 at 11:50 pm a few nights ago, rolled over, grabbed my phone, and ordered the rest of the set from Amazon. They are really funny!

      Oh, and that site IS totally addicting! I think the movie is going to rule!

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