A Rock & Roll Cataclysm

The Jim Jones Revue. No, not the Kool-Aid Jim Jones–I’m talking about London’s hardcore, manic blues brothers. Don’t be mistaken, they know their stuff. It may be loud and crazy and intense, but they never lose their focus–it never becomes a mess. These boys could definitely roll with the gut-busting rockers of the 50s in their prime. I like to think of Jim Jones as the bitchin lovechild of Jerry Lee Lewis and Jack White. Well, he might be older than Jack–let’s call them brothers from another mother, at the very least.

I know this much–this stuff aint for the faint of heart. In his own words, Jim Jones says they’re music is

“Rough but juicy — brutal with a swing — rock ‘n’ roll.”

Jim Jones Revue: Rock’n’Roll Psychosis

I think they rocked a nose bleed out of me…

Best Lyric/Battle Cry :

Every man, every man for himself

They also do a mean Elvis cover that you can check out on their MySpace page.

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