Embracing Your Inner Geek

Welcome to the first month of the Little Junkies Pop! Culture Club. It’s almost like a book club, but better! All you have to do is check in every Friday for the witty banter related to the theme of the month and jump in on the conversation. Piece of cake.

This Month’s Theme: Embrace Your Inner Geek

Maybe right now you are thinking like the double rainbow guy: WHAT DOES  IT MEAN?! In a time of geeks, nerds, dorks, losers, fools, dweebs…gleeks, it can be hard to tell. Unlike the pejoratives (essentially all of the afoermentionables), “geek” has a mostly positive connotation. Basically, geeks are people who get “it.” That “it” can be anything from movies to football. Whatever “it” is, it’s something that makes up a good part of that particular geek. Like anything else, there is a wide range of geekitude. You can go from diggin Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to naming your son Kal-El (I’m talking to you Nic Cage).

We’re all geeks. Hell, Geek Dad from Wired magazine even posted a list of the 10 best mainstream geeks which included Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything (for being sensitive and kick-boxing), Belle from Beauty & The Beast (for being literate…and for, get this, being able to love freaks), and Indiana Jones (for being intelligent and donating things to museums). One of the post comments even tossed Hannibal Lecter’s name into the hat for being a…foodie geek. Now, the geeky papa might not be able to string a competent list together, but the point is there, loud and clear. There’s plenty of room for everyone in this, according to Geek Dad, freaky boat. Accept it, embrace it. You’ll have a lot more fun.

Geeks have joy in their lives, because they are the gurus of their interests and don’t mind sharing that with the world. Word to the wise: don’t let those critics fool you into thinking they are geeks, either. They made something awesome into a job. They conditioned themselves to judge. They write things to keep their advertisers happy and the freebies comin’. They presuppose to tell you what to like, but more importantly what not to like–they spread their stinking rotten tomatoes over everything and won’t be happy until we all like the same things like little pop culture automatons. Well not here–there’s no snobbery, no indoctrination. In fact, it’s best if we don’t agree, because geeks are smart and differences of opinion lead to thoroughly fulfilling convos, my dears! We’re all geeks, and we love what we love, and that’s okay.

Here’s a chart to start and keep close to your heart (and rhyme on time when you’re feelin fine…I’m sorry):

Monthly Bits

Here’s what we’re covering this month:

  1. Geek Mag: Empire Magazine, August 2010 Issue
  2. Geek Book: Scott Pilgrim, volumes 1-6*
  3. Geek TV: Psych, Wednesdays on USA (10/9c)
  4. Geek Web: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

*Geek Movie/Pop! Culture Club Field Trip: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World August 13th

There will be plenty of geek-laden ephemera throughout the month, as well (quotes, and lists, and fun facts. Oh, my!). Stay tuned–especially for ZRose’s new monthly column: That’s So Batman!

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3 thoughts on “Embracing Your Inner Geek

  1. zrose25 says:

    Let me just say Pop! Culture Club is so Batman it’s crazy!! 🙂

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