Start ‘Em Young

Computer, can you change my poo-poo diaper?

Care to prep wee Earthlings for a lifelong of geeky goodness? Then let’s get them into cosplay in their infancy, so they will be well equipped to be the cutest things at all the Cons! These ridiculously awesome Star Trek uniform onesies can be beamed to you from the NeatoShop for the intergalactically low price of 17.95. You can even select their destiny: Command (yellow), Science (blue), or Engineering (red).

Adorable? Yes! My question is this: What sick bastard would make their baby a redshirt?! (For those not geeky enough, click here)

Redshirt of Doom

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One thought on “Start ‘Em Young

  1. Zrose25 says:

    OMG! If I ever have kids, I am definately dressing them in lil wolverine costumes

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