Great Scenes: Han Solo is a Bitch!

A long time ago, in a studio far, far away…the evil emperor Weinstein was acting like a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder and almost destroyed a movie by replacing solid storylines with a little beer and raunchy humor.  This is a movie about about fans, starring fans, intended for fans not for American Pie: The Naked Mile-watching, socially-stunted, alcoholics in training. Apologies, Naked-Mile fans as a Broken Lizard fan, I acknowledge that I’m talking out the side of my face a bit. I only mean to say that studios can really screw up your movie by force-fitting it into the categories with the highest projected returns.

This movie was beset with more drama attached to it than you can shake an Ewok at (recasting, reshoots, rewrites, director switcheroos, and pushed release dates galore). Did it fully come together as the best movie about fans ever? Not totally. A wise geek will fully appreciate the bevy of brilliant cameos, sharp writing, and mere presence of Kristen Bell. But all that aforementioned drama took it’s toll. As someone that works in a “design-by-committee” environment, I personally know the frustration of watching your project become compromised by people that fancy themselves omniscient gurus. Come on, The Man!

Rant over. On with the funny.

Captain Picard is not gay, he is British!

Fun Fact: This scene was shot in roughly the same place where the Cuban commander and Russian general are standing when the storefront explodes in Red Dawn (in Town Square Park Plaza, Las Vegas).

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One thought on “Great Scenes: Han Solo is a Bitch!

  1. zrose25 says:

    Lol… Captain Picard is not gay… he’s british.

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