Geeks, a brew for you: Bowser Brau

Love gaming and boozing (who doesn’t, am I right or am I right)? Then you’ll be extatic when I tell you that I found this Mario-themed brew on The Drunken Moogle, a site dedicated to drinking and gaming. Grimster, member of, brewed his own beer earlier this year, and, after brainstorming “Bowser Bräu” with his son, he made this sweet label.  It might just be me, but I am more inclined to try Grimster’s  “Italian Stout” than the “Plumber’s Crack Pale Ale.”

The Drunken Moogle posts some pretty ri-damn-diculous gamer-themed cocktail recipes, too. Here’s another Mario-themed option:

Warp Pipe (Super Mario Bros. Cocktail)

3/4 shot Blue Curacao
1/2 bottle Mike’s Hard Limeade

1/2 shot Bols Melon
1/2 Lime (cut into wedges)

Directions: Cut your half a lime into four wedges.  Squeeze the lime juice into a highball glass and then drop them in the bottom.  Add some ice overtop the limes, then pour in the Blue Curacao.  Add the Mike’s Hard Limeade until the glass is almost full, then top with your Bols Melon.  Stir a bit with a straw and enjoy.  Tip: make sure you don’t add too much Bols Melon, or the melon flavor will overpower the lime.  This is a great summer drink!

See how far the warp pipe goes…

(Drink created and photographed by The Drunken Moogle)

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