How to become a superhero

You know, if you don’t want to go the Kick-Ass route…

Geeks know that the most legit, snarky t-shirts come from Thankfully, this dude submitted the little number below. Voting on whether or not it should become a t-shirt ended this week, so here’s hoping Threadless will crank them out faster than the “Conan [O’Brien] the Barbarian” design–geeks act impulsively and most have ADD so you have to act fast, Threadless!

I am a little surprised to see that Superman was left off the list. He’s not really a mutant, just an alien. Hmm… At the very least, they could have swapped “Wear powerful ring” for “lab disaster” (since don’t most of these actually stem from lab disasters anyway?). That way it would have included the Green Lantern, Wonder Twins, and even the Phantom! Did you notice any other superheroes that got jobbed by this design?

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