Nerdcore 4 Life

Are you ready for a documentary of epic proportions? Then you are destined to see Nerdcore For Life, Dan Lamoureux’s documentary about the marriage of hip hop and the geeks that love it. If you are as generall ill-informed as I am, Nerdcore is rap music made by geeks, for geeks, with rhymes about all the main geeky topics. You know, comics, gaming, sci-fi, anime, cosplay, and computers.

The film covers two years of the “underground cultural phenomenon” and features over 40 of the top players in the genre as they live it up and rage against the anti-nerd machine. Sure, they might eat more cheese than they make, but I always dig a nerdy, but earnest, underdog story. Needless to say I’ll be hoping over to my Netfilx account posticum hasticum to add it to ye olde queue.

For funsies, here are some of my favorite Nerdcore hip hoppers featured in the film: The Lords of the Rhymes, MC Router, Doctor Popular, Optimus Rhyme, Baddd Spellah, Former Fat Boys, The Sucklord, and the best ever: Tanuki.

Give me a beat.

Before you start rumbling about how ridiculous cosplayers can look rapping about their 12-sided die, consider this:

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