2010 Movie Project: July Data

July has come and gone, and another set of numbers for the 2010 Movie Project have been crunched. As per usual, I have taken my own sweet time pulling all the data together. July was also are second highest movie month of the year. I’m not sure how to explain it–we did go on a little Netflix kick, though the thought of clearing out our Netflix queue is laughable. Perhaps I smell the promise of a new movie project for 2011. Check out the list of all the movies we saw in July at the end of the post (after the jump). Let’s do this!

Movies, Genres, and Ratings

July started off with a couple of repeats. We saw Eclipse again, and ZRose’s renewed love for Tom Cruise could not be denied. Cue our second screening of Knight and Day. Despicable Me delivered on the super duper cute and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice delivered on the classic cagey Cage. The Girl Who Played With Fire was good–though I was off put by how much was shot during the day. Did you read the book? Is it just me; didn’t most of the action happen at night? I am going to go on record saying I found the first movie better than the second, but the second book was far superior to the first.

Here are our picks for the best and worst theatrical releases of July:

Junkie1: Inception & The Last Airbender, respectively.
ZRose25: Predators & I Am Love

Ha! We saw SO many naughty rated R movies, but we also babysat our sweet little little junkie, Avery, and watched a ton of family friendly fare.

Double Takes

We often have random actors that crop up a few times in different movies. This one was a bit of a shock, though. Tom Hardy, yes, super super super hot Eames from Inception. Normally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Mr. You Musn’t Be Afraid to Dream Big, Darling a few times a month. Then again I didn’t expect the Tom Hardy I found in Bronson, either. I should have known, the story of the UK’s “most violent prisoner” is most often heralded as the “new A Clockwork Orange” (you know, that Kubrick flick I lasted about twenty minutes in). Not knowing much about Hardy meant I didn’t know that he has a character actor fast approaching the ranks of Daniel Day Lewis, Christian Bale, and Johnny Depp. Bronson is a maniac, looking for fame via the persona of a savage criminal–a persona that scored him 28 of 34 years behind bars in solitary confinement. Hardy was utterly transformed, positively bulky, bald, and sporting a wicked mustache. I’ve got to admit, the hyper-stylized, brutal biopic, was visually appealing and…hilarious (oh, and sick and violent).

And how about that Kristen Stewart look-a-like from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

July Movies (in order)

Mallrats (I finally saw it!)
Confessions of a Shopaholic (Must have scarf. Must have Hugh Dancy.)
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Knight and Day
The Hangover
The Time Machine
(Whatever happened to Guy Pearce…or Samantha Mumba, for that matter?)
Much Ado About Nothing (Hey nonny, nonny!)
The Italian Job (Rumor has it, Edward Norton basically made this movie against his will.)
The Last Airbender
The Long Kiss Goodnight
(Still love it!)
Congo (Not as bad as I remember. Still bad…just not as bad.)
Dinner For Schmucks (Jemaine alert!)
Predators (Holy shoot em up, alien adventure!)
The Relic
Despicable Me (I want murder shaped pancakes!)
¡Three Amigos! (My little buttercup…)
I am Love
The Girl Who Played With Fire
(Dream a little dream of me)
The Big Hit (Mark Wahlberg does not look like a good kisser)
Serious Moonlight
Two Weeks Notice
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
The Tooth Fairy
(Oh, The Rock…)
Evolution (Rub a little funk on it!)
The Mummy
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
(Holy, best opening sequence ever!)
The Losers
(Mark Wahlberg still looks like a bad kisser)
Who’s That Girl (Fun fact: Stanley Tucci’s first movie)
Batman: the Movie
(Holy lengthy discussion about Burt Ward’s unit!)
The Incredibles
The Fifth Element
(Super green)
Shrek 2
(Zac Efron is effin dreamy!)
An American Tail (This movie is why I hate cats!)
Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Chicken Run
The Proposal
The Extra Man
Max Payne
Youth In Revolt
(I’d date Francois Dillinger)
Timer (Great indie, sci-fi, rom com. I love Mikey!)
Green Zone

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