Ben Folds/Nick Hornby/Pomplamoose?!

Lonely Avenue

I can now die happy. Pomplamoose’s “no hidden sound” video style has been hijacked by the adorable combination of Ben Folds and Nick Hornby.

Best lyric: “That’s why I’m not Dickens: kids.”

Ben Folds’ new album Lonely Avenue is due out in mere days (Sep 28th), and all the lyrics were written by the uncompromisingly witty Britty, novelist Nick Hornby!

Lonely Avenue was made specifically to be listened to on vinyl, but will be available in all the expected media (CD, iTunes, etc.). Here the the delightfully unexpected option: the special deluxe edition includes four short stories by Mr. Hornby. Wee!

I don’t know if I’ve ever covered this, but I looooooooove Nick Hornby. As a foolish American youth, I completely missed the boat on his hilariously insightful columns for The Believer magazine. Fortunately, you can, as I did, buy the entire collection on Amazon for around $30. It’s essentially Hornby’s monthly reading diary. In many ways, I take Hornby’s lead on Little Junkies with the 2010 Movie Project. He discusses his addiction, more fluently of course, the way it unfolds in real life–juxtaposing his list of books he intended to read with the list that he actually read. His unapologetic and accessible explanations and notes were always followed by my laughter.

The collaboration with Mr. Folds (singer, songwriter, and oh-so-right piano abuser extraordinaire) is more or less the coolest thing to happen to a guy that’s been writing about music, musicians, and music lovers for his entire career (High Fidelity, About a Boy, How to Be Good, Fever Pitch, and Songbook to name a few). “Cool” being a relative term considering that this is also a guy that is riding high off his Oscar and BAFTA nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay for An Education.

Needless to say, Lonely Avenue is going to be amazing.

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