Untitled (My bad) by Mike Monteiro

Untitled (My bad) by Mike Monteiro

Oh, me. Oh, my. I have been a severely negligent blogger. I have no real excuse. I wasn’t hospitalized. I didn’t go on a secluded and internet free woodland getaway. I’ve even been doing most of the normal junkie stuff. So, what gives? No Pop! Culture Club this month?! Zero haikus so far?! Nary a That’s so Batman Post?! Is the culprit laziness or did I actually go on a pop culture bender this month?

Let’s investigate…


Obviously, I owe you no less than TWO 2010 Movie Project reports, so I’ll expand on the movies we watched this month there (later this week, I swear). We finally decided to check out the Resident Evil series; plowing through Evils 1-3 with just enough time to catch the fourth installment on opening night. I am not going to lie, I had no idea it was about zombies. Heh. Color me out of touch. Honestly, I’m still reeling from the fact the Mr. Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty‘s Daniel Meade) was technically in two of them. Daniel Meade ?! Reeling, I tell you!

Resident Evil: Afterlife

The mad dash to catch up on Resident Evil meant we had to call upon our trusty Netflix queue. In so doing, some minor queue confusion (or queuefusion) let a little indie we’ve been bumping around the queue sneak into active duty amidst the zombie fare. Rocket Science is it’s name. Quirky, coming of age-y goodness is it’s game. It’s the story of Hal Hefner, a sweet lad that’s marginalized because of his stutter. A love interest in the form of a young Anna Kendrick convinces Hal to join their high school debate team. Heartwarming, awkward hijinks ensue . Oh yeah, and Truebies everywhere should note the King of Mississippi (Denis O’Hare) plays Hal’s drunk pappa. I wholeheartedly recommend it and feel the need to admit my obsession with it’s soundtrack. Although brimming with Violent Femmes tracks, here’s a rather delightful Eef Barzelay sampling:

So are movies to blame? Well, I only saw four movies in the theater this month, two of which were free early screenings (The Town and The Social Network)…so, no. Movies are off the hook.


Of the three posts I managed to eek out this month, all have been about music. Weezer’s Hurley (<– it RULES) dropped, as they say, on the 10th. Fun fact: Listen up for Mr. Scott Pilgrim himself, Michael Cera, on the backing vocals on “Hang On.” It shot me straight back to high school ( a time that was quirky, but not nearly as angsty as Hollywood led me to believe). I was in 1999 again…and I wasn’t blogging in 1999. I was wearing moonboots, playing N64 games, and employing indie music to bring my rage against the machine to a nice simmer (whilst secretly luuuuuuving hip-hop and maintaining my regular drip of classic rock). Right-wingers want you to believe that evil rock and roll music can really control you. Maybe Weezer took over. As Rivers belts out on “Trainwrecks”

We don’t update our blogs
We are trainwrecks

Then, of course, there’s present day. I find the displeasure that daily stress brings can be best snuffed out with a careful selection of tunage. The exploration for new music is, also, quite effective. Needless to say, I’ve spent many moons combing iTunes and pumping up the jams on Little Junkies Radio.

Still, music wasn’t in charge of my days (…or my nights), it was more of a supporting player. Plus, I would never give any credence to the things right-wingers would have you believe. The search continues.

Television, Television (oh, woo oo ooo)

Yes, OK Go said it best: “you cannot fight the television.” It’s a great month to blame everything on tv, too. Finally, new shows and returning favorites cometh! Then again, it’s a little weak, because most of the new shows started last week…aaand I have a whole mess of summer series that I’ve been following. All are great. Allow me to commence a tv squee: Psych! Eureka! Haven! The Venture Bros! 30 Rock! Community! The Great Foodtruck Race! True Blood! The Closer! Castle! Bored to Death! Dexter!

I would like to call bullshit on Bones, Glee, Chuck, and all of NBC’s new fall line-up. You can all do better! NBC, your Thursday night comedies are so tight, so what the hell happens the rest of the week? Chase. Really? How about not ripping of your baby network, USA ::cough:: In Plain Sight ::cough::, and coming up with a good idea.

Perhaps my television is flexing its muscles in a different realm…


Yeah, that’s right. We gots us a Playstation 3…finally…which is like bragging that you got an iPod, but whatever. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned in many posts that I prefer either being well ahead of the pack or well behind it. Consider me behind the pack when it comes to what I like to call boy games. So many buttons! Combos?! So many really evil baddies! Not cute at all! I miss my Yoshi!


Just kidding…Batman: Arkham Asylum, how do you like me now? Uncharted 1 and 2, your name is bitch! inFamous, bring it! ZRose and I pwnd (note ZRose and I have a complex strategy for dominating one player games like these, so technically ZRose pwnd the gameplay and I pwnd navigation/strategy. But I am a fierce navigator!). 

Buuuut, most of the gaming has been in the last week or so, and I totally had enough time to write a few posts while performing my navigator duties. Nope. It’s not gaming (though, laziness is starting to seem like a contender).


I also have been reading like a mofo. ZRose got me hooked on the Dean Koontz Frankenstein series (I’m on book 3 of five). Freek and The Cop passed along their selection for November’s Pop! Culture Club read, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. I picked up a few graphic novels, including Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Lost at Sea. And, Spitfire and I have begun a totally awesome book exchange (from sea to shining… riverbank), which meant I could finally read The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest! My refusal to ruin that section of my book shelf prevails (paperback when are you coming out?)!

The last Salander book (for the foreseeable future anyway). It’s bittersweet, but what a book! Action! Intrigue! Swedish court proceedings (it’s like a free for all in there, man)! Such a great ending, too. Now, there are only a few short weeks (make that four short weeks) before the final installment in the Swedish film series comes out in the U.S. Wee! Then there’s the U.S. remake (and after seeing The Social Network I can kind of dig the Rooney Mara casting).

Including my many magazine subscriptions and blogs, I’ve read well over 4,000 pages this month. But it’s not like it was my first go at picking up a book. I’m quite an expeditious reader when I want to be. Reading is not the droid we are looking for…

Blame it on the rain (and by “rain” I mean Carlos)

Judas Kiss By George Michael Bluth, I’ve got it! We were production assistants on a movie! A real one, too, not some killer teddy bear from suburbia nonsense (no joke, that’s real…and awesome…and I was “in it”).

You see, Carlos (aka Dubs) and his production partner, J.T. (aka Jaytee) made a movie. It’s called Judas Kiss. I did some graphic design for it. And ZRose and I worked on the set for a week. The first week of the month. And they were all overnight, 12 hour days. And when we got home, we were like zombies. That had to go to work. And do copious amounts of laundry. And I had to process some of my on set photos. And watch some movies and tv. And listen to some music. And play games. And read. And we are only now just becoming fully functioning members of society again. I’m not crazy or lazy! Bahahahaha! It’s all making sense!

Working on the movie was so fun–even if we weren’t able to be there for the entire shoot. Many new friends were gained (including several Canadians), tons of memories were made, and much sassing of Carlos was carried out. Fun fact: Saskatchewanese call hoodies bunnyhugs! ADORBS! I even scored a new nickname: Roll playback. Yeah, that totally means that yours truly (and my trusty iPod and portable iPod speakers) saved the day by blasting music for the musical number and a club scene. ZRose and I also worked with the coolest photographer ever, did a little extras wrangling, and I even got to do a late night Starbucks run. Normally, coffee runs are nothing to write home about, but my glee from this stems from the fact that in my mind a coffee run is the exact type of “bitch duty” a PA would be expected to do on set, and I nearly made it the whole trip without ever running for coffee. However, a week of working 11:30 am-6:00 am means that you don’t realize that most businesses aren’t open at midnight or later…like Starbucks (or that bidding someone good morning at 3 pm makes you look crazy). Needless to say, it turned into a Whole Foods coffee run.

Judas Kiss is in post production now, but I hope to attend the premier and help out at one or more film festivals next year. Woot!

If you think about it, ZRose and I actually got quite a lot of stuff accomplished in about a week and a half. I think we deserve a treat of some kind. A small, but splendid, ticker tape parade, perhaps.

…I also made the executive decision to start drinking more, but that couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it…

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12 thoughts on “Discomblogulated

  1. zrose25 says:

    Awesome post! 🙂 I flashed back on so many awesome things from this month!

    Also, I LOVE the use of Adorbs! Me thinks you need to add the following to the Junktionary: Queuefusion, Adorbs and Bunnyhugs 🙂

  2. Spitfire says:

    “Get rid of him, *expeditiously*.”

    Name that movie!

  3. Spitfire says:

    parte uno:

    Part deux:
    the season opener for Glee was the most disappointing pile of dog poo i’ve seen on television in a loooooooong time. gross. bad. terrible!
    (i haven’t watched chuck yet since the b/f is still in Jordan and would hate me forever if i watched without him.)

    and three:
    so “hurley” is good? i’ve been curious. truth be told, i associate you with weezer in my head.

    • Junkie1 says:

      In your head, I am the coolest person in the universe! I love Hurley in all iterations, and the album is at times classic Pinkerton, but always full of intellect, fun-timey riffs, and nostalgia laden lyrics.

      Glee. was. awful. Everyone is so hateable this season! Rachel is becoming maniacal, Artie is actually kind of an asshole, the new guy is basically Finn from episode one, no one has retained any of the little development they got after last season, and the use of music is starting to become lame. I don’t have high hopes for the Britney episode. How about something a little more inspired like Bowie? It’s like the writers are talking down to teenagers and I am starting to buy into all that talk about the show detrimentally playing up stereotypes. Boo-urns (which I hate to say, because I often defended that show last season and I used to really love it.).

      …and breathe…30 RockBored To Death

      Yes, the Playstation 3 Blu Ray, me likey. It’s the primary reason we bought it (that and I really wanted the Scott Pilgrim game–it’s fun!).

  4. […] off the presses, I guess. I have already covered what I’ll now refer to as the season of my discomblogulation or “the epoch of slacking off.”  After some careful examination I decided to scapegoat […]

  5. […] off the presses, I guess. I have already covered what I’ll now refer to as the season of my discomblogulation or “the epoch of slacking off.”  After some careful examination I decided to scapegoat […]

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