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Dexter: Opening Titles

The Art of the Title Sequence is on of my fave blogs, as it weds my two loves: pop culture and design. This week they did a very special profile on the Emmy Award-winning titles of one of my fave shows, Dexter. Apt, as the fifth season of Showtime’s sweet serial killer series kicked off this past Sunday night. Let’s marvel at the violent beauty of those titles. Ah! So pretty! It makes me want to move to Miami and eat Cuban food until I die.

Unlike some other returning shows (:: cough :: Glee :: cough ::), Mr. Morgan came back with a vengeance. I found myself teetering on the edge of weep mountain throughout the entire premier episode. Yet, I laughed. I marveled. I queried, “WTF?” That, my friends, is what I find to be so exceptional about Dexter–each episode is so densely written and expertly executed.

Allow me to discuss the premier a bit without super spoilering some of you.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t see his behavior as always being that odd. At least, not in the way that his coworkers do, though they are nosy detectives so it’s in their nature. Is it really hard to understand that someone would be in shock over the loss of a loved one? Or that one may feel guilt over their passing? Has no one heard of compartmentalizing? Am I to believe that Dexter would be under the microscope for reporting elements of a crime via scientific terminology, while Temperance Brennan of Bones is a respected member of society? I wish that Bones was more like Dexter. Methodical and intelligent, but not robotic to the point of being cartoonish. “I’m the smartest woman in the world, which means I don’t have to respect social mores or respect others.” Bleh. Anyway, Dexter. The cool part about the show is the way it flips you upside down. He’s like the Robin Hood of murderers, and he can be a real doosh sometimes, but you never really get mad at him. You rise to his defense. You justify his actions almost as well as he does. You feel bad for him. He’s surrounded by people, but all alone. His life is a sham–keeping up appearances until his dark passenger can flourish in the shadowy night.

A taste of what’s to come…?

What is the premier telling us about this season? My best guess is that they are going to bypass the Dexter formula of a “big bad” in place of Dexter’s journey through the stages of grief. In a haphazard way that only he could, Dexter already went through them all in the first episode–perhaps a taste of what’s to come? I hope so, because his rage-y spasm/shriek towards the end was in-tense. Also, let’s give it up for Christina Robinson (Astor), my god is she good at being the really annoying tween that just discovered her pie-hole!

What say you about the premier (or the show in general)? Are you as excited for Julia Stiles and Johnny Lee Miller as I am? Am I really mean/weird for laughing during the scene when Dexter delivers the bad news to the kids?

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5 thoughts on “Slice of Life

  1. Zrose25 says:

    Can I pose a question about the Dexter title sequence? Who puts their shoes on before putting on their shirt? I’m jus’ sayin. 🙂

  2. Junkie2 says:

    I’ve actually found Bones being so consistent in her discomfort and lack of knowledge of social mores to be a testament to how much of human interaction is taught to us by our parents/families/friends, as well as being learned in the cultures we come from.

    I’ve also wondered if there could be a case for Bones to fall on the Autism spectrum since she is so focused in a particular area of knowledge and while incredibly intelligent, is completely oblivious to social cues and customs.

    As for Dexter this season I’ve think you’ve hit the baddie with the knife on this one. Definitely going to be about Dexter and how he comes to terms with his involvement in Rita’s moving to another network. I hope Aster’s angst isn’t a pivotal plot point for long, because I just can’t handle her moodiness.

    My favorite line of the premiere was when Dexter was responding to Deb’s question of “How did [the kids] take it?” and he threw in there “They got me a hat.” In all his shock and grief over Rita he was touched they got him a hat! And with his name on it! Whether he notices it or not I think Dexter is having more “human” emotions than he thinks he is.

    • Junkie1 says:

      I loved that hat. Alas, I do believe Astor’s ‘tude is here to stay and plays a major role this season. That’s where my money’s going anyway.

      My problem with Bones is that she’s an anthropologist. She DOES know all the mores–it’s part of her field. For some reason, she dismisses those of American society, because she feels they are either antiquated or illogical, but is often compelled to point out how her friends and colleagues fail to recognize those of other/ancient cultures. In any case, let’s just agree that if I have to hear Angela call her “sweetie” one more time I’ll lose it.

  3. Junkie1 says:

    OMG–I totes called it! Last night’s Dexter began with him talking about going through the first of the seven stages of grief. High-five to me. 🙂

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