The Seven Hotel, Paris

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A Parisian hotel with 28 luxury suites modeled on pop culture (James Bond & Alice in Wonderland in particular) and just pure gorgeousness? I want to go to there. Heh…did I mention it’s about $675/night?

Movies that make me crave Paris almost as much as this hotel:

  1. Amélie
  2. Paris Je T’aime
  3. Ratatouille
  4. French Kiss (Lactose INTOLERANCE!)
  5. Micmacs
  6. Moulin Rouge!
  7. Sabrina (Either version)
  8. Prête-Moi Ta Main (I Do/ How To Get Married & Stay Single)
  9. The Phantom of the Opera –this also makes me crave Scotland…weird 😉
  10. Marie Antoinette
  11. Coco Before Chanel
  12. The Three Musketeers (I’ll take any version, but especially the Disney version–Oliver Platt!)

Where the hell is Before Sunrise/Sunset? Well, they have been collecting dust in my Netflix queue, but I will see them soon. And, from what I hear, I will amend this list when I do. Also, From Paris With Love makes me want to avoid Paris…forever.

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8 thoughts on “The Seven Hotel, Paris

  1. zrose25 says:

    I want to go there too! Last time we were in Paris, our room looked nothing like that though! I still have nightmares about our coffin sized shower. 🙂

  2. spitfire says:

    have you seen He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not? (with Audrey Tatou)
    it doesn’t necessarily make me crave Paris, but it is French and FANTASTIC.

    • Junkie1 says:

      Oui, bien sûr! I just thought I should cut myself off from listing Audrey Tautou movies. Also, how cool is that Alice room?! The lights in the wall change colors!

  3. garkyeats says:

    So you’ve been having major Paris lust lately, too? I spent a week there when I was 16 and have been itching for a return visit ever since. When I go back, I’m going to eat more croissants than is right or prudent!

    Also, I’m going to find a way to stay in that hotel. 🙂

    • Junkie1 says:

      My sister and I chaperoned a Tale of Two Cities-themed trip in 2006, and I have been hankering a redux, sans 16 year olds, ever since…of both cities.

      Might I also add: Pourquoi pensez-vous me narguer, savoureux pain français [ , dijo la estudiante de español].

  4. zrose25 says:

    Also, another great french flick that you didnt mention… With a Friend Like Harry (

    • Junkie1 says:

      Somehow, the French version of Single White Female (effectively) doesn’t make me want to go to France…but it is a fantastic homage to Hitchcockian thrillers.

  5. roulette says:

    Super news, bon article, je follow!

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