Gleeku: Save me Jebus

Holy moly, Glee
Say a little prayer for you
Get over yourself*

*I think I thought I saw you try.

5 burning questions after last night’s episode

  1. Do the producers of the show ever read or understand lyrics? (FYI: Just because the word “religion” shows up does not mean it’s about religion)
  2. Couldn’t the glee club save some of their dwindling funds by letting the full time harpist go?
  3. What else should girls know to trade their bodies for?
  4. How is it that Finn gets to treat his grilled cheese sandwich like a genie, only makes selfish prayers (despite yelling at Kurt for not telling him about his pseudo-dad), and then gets to throw a loss of faith fit, without ever acknowledging his dooshiness? And wouldn’t it have been more powerful to toss the days old, been-inside-the-locker room cheesus sandwich rather than eat it?
  5. Does Shu even teach Spanish anymore?
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5 thoughts on “Gleeku: Save me Jebus

  1. spitfire says:

    this season is awful.

    although i did enjoy kurt’s rendition of I wanna hold your hand. and If god were one of us. and Losing my religion.
    so while the music’s getting back on track, i think the “plot” is nose-diving every week.

  2. zrose25 says:

    Yeah things this season seem a little forced. Maybe they just tried to cram so much in to season 1 (with the 2 story arcs and finales) that they used up all the good ideas.

    To answer one of your burning questions… I think we will see Senior Shu teaching spanish again when it suits the playlist… I mean episode. 🙂 Can we say Shakira week? lol.

  3. Jes says:

    I had forgotten that Shu taught Spanish….


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