Rediscovered Goodness

Motion City Soundtrack

One of my favorite things in the world is discovering great music. Even better, rediscovering awesomeness that I already discovered. I was listening to the radio the other day and Even If It Kills Me, a Motion City Soundtrack song, came on. I decided that I simply must purchase for my collection, thanks to my handy Shazam app on my iPhone I was able to capture the album information so I could check it out on iTunes at a later time (ideally when I am not driving 65 – 70 miles per hour down the highway). Eventually I get around to buying music and I pull out my iPod and there it is sitting there just waiting to be listened to.

 So all week I have been getting reaquanted with my various Motion City Soundtrack albums. If you havent had a chance to have a listen to their music… do it! Check them out on the official MCS website. The music section on their website allows you to listen to all of their CD’s.  Here are a couple of recommendations to get you hooked:

My Dinosaur Life: Hysteria, Her Words Destroyed My Planet, Stand Too Close, A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help)

Even If It Kills Me: This is for Real, It Had To Be You, Broken Heart, Even If It Kills Me

Commit This To Memory: Everything is Alright, When ‘You’re’ Around, Lets Get Fucked Up and Die, Resolution

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My personal Favorite right now:

Fave Lyric:

I wonder if I’ll ever lose my mind. I tried hard for a while, but then I kind of gave up. Winter is a killer when the sun goes down. I’m really not as stubborn as I seem, said the kunckle to the concrete.

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2 thoughts on “Rediscovered Goodness

  1. Tracy says:

    You’re posting again! You’re posting again! And giving me great music suggestions 🙂

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