Modern Love: Mystery Jets

Hold on to your hats, kids! I’ve found a new (to me) obsession in the music realm, and it’s a five-piece U.K. indie band. I apparently have a thing for that glimmering land of rock across the pond.Think: a hipper, Britpop version of Rooney with a dash of Arcade Fire.

Get ready for the cute (besides the awesome band name): the lead singer’s (Blaine Harrison) dad, Henry, is in the band (but he doesn’t tour with the boys). It gets cuter…Blaine has spina bifida and Henry’s the one that got him into music– an interest he shared with then classmate, William Rees (vocals/guitar). Henry would even take them out of school to go and play on weekends. Boss parenting, Henry! Not for nuthin’, but my papa is awesome in my [fake] Rock Band band (plus, he pwns Smoke on the Water on his classic Ovation).

Jets’ third studio album, Serotonin, will be released in the States July 20th–and I’ll be all over it. I also highly suggest heading over to to get a sneak listen to “Dreaming of Another World” from the new album. There is much to love about this band, as is plainly evident in the awesome video below, featuring British folk singer Laura Marling (you could say it…swept me off my feet meh heh).

Young Love:

Best lyric:

“If I only knew your name
I’d go from door to door
Searching all the crowded streets
For the place that I once saw”

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