Ménage à blah


I am SO sick of love triangles! Writers, stop. Please.

I also dislike how oblivious your heroines are to their value and desirability, the fact that you won’t stop telling us how valuable and desirable they are, and the taciturn dudes you make their love interests. (Especially when one of them is so clearly a dud propped up to afford you another, weaker, sequel.)

Can you make a few with some self esteem for once, too?

Side note: Despite the excess of these devices, I am totally (and finally) addicted to The Hunger Games. I started Catching Fire this morning. #whee

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11 thoughts on “Ménage à blah

  1. zrose25 says:

    Agreed! Although in True Blood its closer to a love pentagon 😉

    • Andria says:

      There are far too many duds in True Blood and way to many triangles. Basically everyone on that show is involved in some sort of romantic inbreeding. Just swapping partners like its the 1970s. It’s kind of gross.

      • zrose25 says:

        Lol its true! I suppose when you have so many books you have to find a way to keep things “fresh”.

  2. spitfire says:

    i have such a problem with Hunger Games being shuffled into the love triangle category– i recognize that you’re not through them all yet– and agree that this trope seems to be trotted out quite frequently as of late– yet, i don’t think HG should be in this grouping! there is so much more happening there!!

    • spitfire says:

      then again, i’ve definitely drank the mockingjay koolaid. this comment came out way harsher than it was intended. ❤

    • Andria says:

      I am 80% done with Catching Fire (thanks, Kindle app) and all I can say is I wish she was a little less clueless about revolution and a lot less whiny about Gale. Por ejemplo, Hey they made that dude an Avox…I wonder what Gale must be feeling about it…oh my, I wonder how I really feel about Gale. :: barf ::

      There’s no reason Collins can’t dig deeper into the political dynamics. Young adults can handle it. I also am annoyed at how she only accidentally commits treason, she is constantly put in a maternal position, and all the boys tell her what to do. Especially by book two. Can it, Katniss, and set something on fire already.

      • The series is on my reading list (and coming up soon!) and after reading the comments I am even more excited to read them!

      • spitfire says:

        while i can agree with you — she does get a little too whine-y for my tastes, i also think that’s realistic. she just killed a shit ton of people! it would make sense that she would try to escape from that reality by thinking about more superficial things, such as our favorite gale… i thought collins made an interesting choice, while she was extremely limited by her decision to write in the first person, at the same time she did it quite well. i thought she wrote katniss in a way that was relatable and realistic– katniss wasn’t a political person, she always shied away from it when gale brought it up (before being reaped) and so it doesn’t make sense to me that collins would write her in a completely political way. i loved discovering things in bits and pieces– just as she did. it forced you to more thoughtfully consider the actions and motivations of the people around her.
        mostly, i was just FLOORED when a coworker of mine finished book 3 and came to talk to me about the ending — all she could talk about was the conclusion of the love triangle. what?! while it is a part of the book, to me it was the least interesting and least important part of the book! i never thought of the book in terms of team peeta or team gale (would it have been framed in such a way if this had come out pre-twilight?) — team katniss all the way.

      • Andria says:

        Team Haymitch, baby! I am on to book three, but still my favorite part to date, was the retelling of his time in the arena in Catching Fire. I also think Woody Harrelson is the perfect choice.

        Side note: Hell yeah she killed a shit ton of people, so why isn’t she more fierce? I do agree with you, though. It’s a great series and Collins did a good job. Maybe I just wish she would’ve let Katniss have her talent be archery instead of …fashion design or maybe stopped putting her in warrior/mother mode.

      • zrose25 says:

        I guess I can see why she comes across as so wishy washy, since it was written in the first person and she is after all a teen. It doesnt make it any less annoying though, and the same can most definitely be said for Bella and Sookie (the wishy washy-ness I mean).

        With Katniss I found I had to keep reminding myself that she was super young, I mean sixteen-year-olds are not generally known for being particularly insightful. But in the world that Suzanne Collins created, kids are forced to grow up fast. So maybe that’s why I kept holding Katniss to adult standards. I generally have a harder time reading young adult books, while there is no denying that they are fun and interesting subjects, it is just something that is way harder to relate to, and it leaves my adult brain some what unfulfilled.

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